You want your fundraiser to be organized, simple and successful.
Our Fundraising Program will help you achieve just that.
We've got products that your members will find easy to sell, because the products are high quality, at good prices, and everyone wants them during the holidays. We'll provide you with all the materials and tools you need to keep it simple and make it successful:
  • You get as many colorful Product Sheets as you need - these are attractive, clear and simple to use. If you need more, we’ll send them to you, or you can always download them from this website and print them as needed.
  • We provide an Organizer Master Sheet, to help you record each individual’s sales, and to help you sort everything out when you get your product shipment at delivery time.
  • A simple Final Order Form calculates your totals for you, including freight, and your preferred delivery date. All the money that's left after this wholesale order form is your Profit!
We can get you started right away, or answer any questions you may have.
Call Eli at: 360-966-9777, or email:

SIMPLE AS 1 - 2 - 3:

(for a printable version of these instructions, click here)

1) Fundraiser Product Sheets - these sheets make a clear and attractive presentation of the products your fundraiser offers. They make it easy for your fundraiser to sell and easy for your supporters and customers to buy. Each Product Sheet has a simple and convenient order form. Individual fundraisers use these to make sales and collect funds, which they then turn over to the Fundraiser Organizer. We will send you as many printed copies as you need. Or, download them from out website and print them on you own. Click on the image to download.
Retail Fundraiser Sheet (two sided)

2) Organizer Master Sheets - This sheet is designed to make your job accurate and as simple as possible. After you collect filled-in Product Sheets from individual fundraisers, organize them all on this sheet. For example, add up all the sales from "Jimmy Bael" and enter them on one line of the Organizer Master Sheet. Then enter the totals for each of the other individual fundraisers, one per line. When you receive your order delivery in December, this sheet will make it easy to divide up and distribute the products. Total up all sales on the bottom of the sheet and transfer those totals to the Final Order Form (below).
Click on the image to download.
Organizer's Master Sheet

3) Final Order Form - Transfer the totals from the bottom of your Organizer Master Sheet onto the Final Order Form. Calculate totals. Notice these prices are your wholesale prices. Add up subtotal, add freight/delivery charge (using instructions) and figure Grand Total. Pay this amount by check, cash, Money Order, Credit card or Debit card. After you pay this amount, all the money you have left is your fundraising profit!
Click on the image to download. 

Price Sheet & Order Form

These forms are free to you, whether you use the Fundraiser Kit or you devise your own program. You can download them and print them yourself, or contact us and we will send you as many printed copies as you need.

(for a printable version of these instructions, click here)

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